This video was banned by Edinburgh Council and Red Bull Scotland. I had to re-edit and remove all the sponsors logo’s which was a shame, the original got 12,000 views on youtube in just over a week.


Still better to get a load of views and get banned, than make some lame middle class, hipster piece. Couriers for the most part are a bunch of en gracious punks – I know I used to be one – so you know there’s no point in trying to sugar coat them, they’re pure savoury characters.


☠ Schmo ☠

European Messenger Championships 2012

Pantani - Schmo - Somhairle

The extent to which Pantani used EPO is monumental, allegedly at times he was using so heavily that he could not sleep more than 4 hours without having to do an hour on the turbo trainer, otherwise his blood would have become so thick that his heart would have struggled to pump it. In the end, out of his mind, alone and barricaded in a hotel room with vast amounts of cocaine – both in the room and in his body – he died of a heart attack.


☠ Schmo ☠

Pantani – Dope or Nope – Total HERO!


The stunning debut Album from Adam Sutherland – ‘The Death of Adam Sutherland’ – Not available in shops.


☠ Schmo ☠

Vive La Starch

Somhairle MacDonald – The Father of ☠ Schmo ☠ – Rage Against mediocrity.

☠ Schmo ☠

☠ Schmo ☠